Bible & Treaty- Missionaries among the Maori is a complex and colourful adventure of faith, bravery, perseverance and betrayal that seeks to recover lost connections in the story of modern New Zealand. It brings a fresh perspective to the missionary story, from the lead-up to Samuel Marsden's first sermon on New Zealand soil, and the intervening struggle for survival and understanding, to the dramatic events that unfolded around the Treaty of Waitangi and the disillusionment that led to the Land Wars in the 1860s. While some missionaries clearly failed to live up to their high calling, the majority committed their lives to Maori and were instrumental in spreading Christianity, brokering peace between warring tribes, and promoting literacy - resulting in a Maori-language edition of the Bible. This highly readable account, from the author of Ratana Revisited- An Unfinished Legacy (2006) and Ratana- The Prophet (2009), shines a new light on the ever-evolving business of New Zealand's early history.
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Author Newman, Keith
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Item Code 9780143204084
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Page Count 367
Publish Date 2010-01-01
Publisher PENGUIN
Type Paperback

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