A Clean Place For My Fire tells the story of Ivor and Rose Davies, from their modest childhood homes in Wales and England, to missionary service in the Belgian Congo and leadership of the WEC International home office in New Zealand. In 1950s they experienced a significant Holy Spirit revival in the Congo and later took the inspiring story around the world.
In the 1980s former journalist, Wayne Voss, interviewed the Davies and recorded their experiences.

Writer Jeanette Knudsen has retold the events for the modern reader. Her other writings include Fire at the Mount (with Beverley Coad), Great Futures: 25 years of Christian Education in Bethlehem, Four Kiwis on the Silk Road and Harborne Heritage.

The noteworthy events in A Clean Place For My Fire took place over 70 years ago. However, they are still relevant today, calling Christians to renew their commitment to the Lord, to respond to the high calling of missionary endeavour and to pray for revival in the twenty-first century.
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Author Knudsen, Jeanette & Voss, Wayn
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Item Code 9781991153951
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Page Count 248
Publish Date 2023-04-29
Publisher DAYSTAR
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