This book is about integrating life and faith and the journey that I am on as I attempt to do just that.

I think about life and death and everything in between.
Everything is between includes relationships, money,career, parenting, renovating, and all the other things in between.
But I also believe that I am a spiritual being. I believe that I am make up of body, spirit, soul.
I want to develop a deeper spiritual life in my context: as a lawyer, a husband, a parent, a mortgage holder, a son, a friend, a colleague, a business owner - how does faith translate into each context?
And so, I wrote this book for people in their forties, but really the title is misleading - this book is for anyone interested in living a more integrated life.
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Author Greening , Simon
Availability From 2023-11-10
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Page Count 130
Publish Date 2023-12-01
Type Paperback

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