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Tear down unholy altars and close the enemy's entryways into your life!

Do you feel like invisible barriers are keeping you from the life you want? This may be the result of hidden, evil altars in the spirit-realm. An "altar" is not simply a physical object used for religious or occultic practice; it's an invisible entry point that grants forces of darkness access to your life by partnering with the enemy.

In Dangerous Prayers from the Courts of Heaven that Destroy Evil Altars, Dr. Francis Myles teaches you to tear down these unholy altars, breaking free from many areas of sin and bondage. By praying through a framework of "dangerous prayers," Dr. Myles teaches you to enter the Courts of Heaven and claim Jesus as your legal advocate in the spirit realm.

Discover how to:
Operate in the Law of Dominion.
Be victorious in the Battle of Altars.
Appropriate the mystery of the Seven Drops of Jesus' blood.

Additionally, Dr. Myles has crafted more than 35 powerful, interactive Courts of Heaven activation prayers that will close the enemy's gates over your life.

These Dangerous Prayers will help you destroy the altars of:
Sexual perversion
Infirmity and Sickness
Familiar spirits
Premature death
Marriage Breakers
False Prophecies
Demonic Spirits (including Jezebel, Leviathan, and Delilah)
...and many others!

You don't have to wait another day for someone else to lay hands on you. Take hold of your own deliverance and walk in freedom today!
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Author Myles, Dr Francis
Availability From 2023-02-07
Item Code 9780768457582
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Page Count 384
Publish Date 2021-10-19
Type Paperback

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