It's coming & can't be stopped
WHAT DO the Jewish Feasts, prophetic Seals and Bowls from the book of Revelation, and an Earth-bound asteroid have in common?
This is the question on the lips of every individual who sees the potential correlation between the impending coming of Christ and the imminent approach of the asteroid Apophis.
WHEN JESUS spoke of His return, He warned that the end of the age would be filled with war, pestilence, famine, and even catastrophic cosmic events which would permanently damage the Earth as we know it. We are warned in Revelation about the personified star, Wormwood, which will collide with our planet, bringing posion to our waters and death to one-third of humanity.
With such looming threats above as the asteroid Apophis is now headed this way, could we be approaching the era in which Great Tribulation and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ finally unfold?
And does a hidden message connected to Apophis indicate we have already entered that mysterious end-times countdown?
Tag New Release
Author Horn, Thomas
Availability From 2021-05-03
Item Code 9781948014380
Item Reference 501924
Page Count 327
Publish Date 2020-12-07
Publisher DEFENDER
Type Paperback

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