Take your place in God's plan for the finale of the ages.
As a believer you interact every day with invisible spiritual powers in heavenly places. Hierachies of angels are engaged in war on a scale that most Christians cannot imagine, and you are being drawn into the action. Why? Because Jesus' follwers on earth will be key players in the outcome.
With superb biblical exposition and practical application, Derek Prince offers the guidance you need to take your place in this monumental conflict. As you build the character of a warrior, you will become more and more like Jesus Christ, your commanding officer. You will gain confidence and learn what you need to know to endure to the end.
The message from God for every person who accepts the challenge is this: Walk before Me and be perfect.
This book will help you fulfil your role in the day-to-day trials you face now and in the greater battles to come.
Tag New Release
Author Prince, Derek
Availability From 2022-05-16
Item Code 9788192120614
Item Reference 503461
Page Count 229
Type Paperback

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