Look At What Is Ours Through Christ's Atoning Work

At the Cross Christ enduring all the evil due us, and in turn made available to us all the good due Him.
In this provocative, Scripture-rich book, acclaimed author Derek Prince explores the nine "divine exchanges" of the atonement. While we deserve punishment, wounding, death, poverty, shame and rejection, Christ instead gives us forgiveness, healing, life, abundance, glory and acceptance.
Then Derek Prince shoes five glorious aspects of deliverance made available through the atonement: deliverance from this present evil age, from the law, from self, from the flesh and from the world.

This book was formerly published as Atonement: Your appointment with God
Tag New Release
Author Prince, Derek
Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9788189250584
Item Reference 459121
Page Count 238
Publisher CHOSEN
Type Paperback

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