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Tough Questions, Straight Answers

As we begin to think more deeply about the meaning of life, it's not long before we come across tough questions that deserve careful consideration. This book explores and discusses seven common objections to the Christian faith, including:

- Why does God allow suffering?

- What about other religions?

- Is there a conflict between science and Christianity?

Drawing on several years of talking through these issues with people looking for answers, Nicky Gumbel offers clear, accessible and reasoned responses to the questions that surround faith and Christianity in the modern world. He goes beyond the logic of each question and applies it to a wider understanding of God's identity and our own identity, with practical suggestions for dealing with these issues in everyday life.
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Author Gumbel, Nicky
Availability From 2020-05-30
Item Code 9781473680739
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Page Count 121
Publish Date 2018-05-08
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