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Packed with stories of contemporary families, hands-on activities that help children understand basic principles of prayer, and discussions that encourage you to dig into what happens when we pray.
Imagine what would happen if Christian families really took time to pray together and did it with knowledge of how to pray. Yours can be one of those families! Develop your family's prayer life the easy way. These 52 weekly devotions will equip your family to pray together as you explore various aspects of prayer. The ideas are practical and easy for busy families to use, choosing what best fits their schedule. Contemporary stories based on true stories show how families respond to tragedy, rejoice with God, and persist in prayer during hard times.

Tag New Release
Author Whiting, Karen
Availability From 2024-01-25
Item Code 9781649380265
Item Reference 506058
Page Count 224
Publish Date 2021-10-01
Publisher ROSEKIDZ
Type Paperback

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