Does your child enjoy comic books and graphic novels? Help your kids connect God's Word to their lives with the BibleForce Devotional. With popular comic style action art, facts about each hero, Scriptures, and simple action items, kids will see ways they can also be heroes for God. The BibleForce Devotional is:

100 devotions based on the heroes of the Bible
A fresh, bright graphic-novel style that interests boys and girls
Action-packed graphics with stories and truths found in Scripture
A great book to read together and simple enough for young readers to read on their own
An excellent resource for visual learners

Kids won't be able to put down this book. Jump into the story of God's Word and become an amazing hero for God today with BibleForce Devotional.

Check out the rest of the series, BibleForce: The First Heroes Bible.

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Tag New Release
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Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9781786908988
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Page Count 224
Publish Date 2019-08-06
Type Hardcover

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