Have you ever heard a sermon devoted entirely to conflict? We tend stay clear of anything perceived as unpleasant. As a result, we hinder our growth in Christ-likeness. Some Christ-followers may believe conflict is a no-go place. That was me before I allowed the Lord to heal me through His Living Word and supportive counsel from others.

As Christians, we should be setting the example on how we disagree, dispute and duel—including within the walls of the church. When conflict occurs, people have an opportunity to grow in their relational understanding and perspective. From cover to cover, the Bible addresses conflict. Jesus never shied away from a dispute. We need to know God’s standpoint so we can take the right action for our relationship challenges.

Embracing Conflict provides a roadmap to laying down unhealthy ways of thinking and behaving to bring freedom and healing to our lives and relationships.
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Author Cuniliffe, Shirley
Availability From 2022-08-31
Item Code 9780473620073
Item Reference 504197
Page Count 303
Publish Date 2022-08-01
Type Paperback

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