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See the Bible in a whole new way.

Created by some of DC and Marvel's best comic book artists, The Epic Bible transports readers through a visual journey of Scripture. From Eden to eternity, this stunning hardcover edition engages even the most reluctant readers with brilliant and dramatic full-color graphic art. Packed with action and powerfully illustrated The Epic Bible brings a fresh lifelike view of Creation, the story of the Israelites, Jesus' life on earth, and the early church.

Readers of graphic books will love this new vibrant look at God's Word. Featuring:

169 Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation
Text adapted from the NLT with clear, easy-to-read dialogue
Bible verse references at the bottom of each page, to help readers follow along
Accurate and faithful accounts of the biblical timeline
Bonus "Between the Testaments" chapter that adds historical context, including the Roman occupation of Jerusalem

"Suitably sophisticated, this new retelling of the biblical story as a graphic novel serves its subject matter and its intended audience--teens and young adults--well, epically!" --Diane Stortz

Tag New Release
Availability From 2022-07-27
Item Code 9781414396675
Item Reference 503790
Page Count 840
Publish Date 2020-10-06
Type Hardcover

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