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Journeying from Adversity, loss and grief to resilience, hope and growth

From here to there chronicles Nikki's heart wrenching journey through a difficult childhood, her husband Andy's ongoing health issues, and the trauma of losing her daughter Natasha in the Manatepopo Canyon incident in 2008 followed by her darling Andy in 2018.

This journey is about growing the muscle of resilience and hope.
It's adorned with precious nuggets of wisdom, offering invaluable guidance for thriving in our relationships and in life as a whole.
Nikki shares her insights and the guiding principles that helped her navigate the various trials that life has thrown her way.

As a bonus each chapter is complete with signposts to help us find our own path forward.
Tag New Release
Author Bray, Nikki
Availability From 2024-01-22
Item Code 9780473694456
Item Reference 505986
Page Count 232
Publish Date 2023-12-01
Publisher Self Published
Type Paperback

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