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Supernatural strategies and Heavenly blueprints to become a resting place for God's glory.

As waves of global crises continue to shake the earth, those filled with the Holy Spirit must stand as unshakable beacons of God's glory in a dark world. Are you ready for the task?

Charged to release prophetic words about God's coming, cleansing work in the Church, respected prophet and bestselling author, Jeremiah Johnson offers a challenging call to become all you were made to be - a vessel to carry God's glory to the world!

In this latest work, Jeremiah's prophetic voice and pastor's heart resound together, ringing out a message of challenge and hope to the entire Church, and to you.

In this timely prophetic word, you will learn how to:

Awaken the pioneering spirit in you that has been dormant or silenced by religion.
Cultivate an "Upper Room" DNA in your life, organization, family, and church.
Take your place in the "fivefold ministry," both within and outside of the church.
Operate in the Holy Spirit strategies from 1 Corinthians 14, needed now more than ever.
Get a prophetic vision for what God is doing in the Earth.

Join in God's supernatural building project and awaken to the call to be a house for God's glory!
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Author Johnson, Jeremiah
Availability From 2021-09-22
Item Code 9780768457339
Item Reference 502735
Page Count 176
Publish Date 2021-04-20
Type Paperback

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