Mountains of Spices, a sequel to Hinds Feet on High Places, is a powerful allegory that personifies unhappy, tormenting attitudes of mind, heart and temperament. Meet Mrs Dismal Forebodings, Old Lord Fearing, Sir Arrogant, Umbrage, Resentment, Craven Fear and others. Contrast their lives with the lives of Grace and Glory, Mrs Valiant, Mercy, Joy and Peace.
Feel the tension as the tug of something better stirs unrest among the inhabitants of the Valley of Humiliation.
Not all respond to the Shepherd's gentle touch, but those who do discover that "love turned outward is true life.
Concerning Mountains of Spices, Hannah Hurnard says: "I have tried to show as clearly as possible that the very characteristics and weaknesses of temperament with which we were born... can be transformed into their exact opposites and can therefore produce in us the loveliest of all qualities"
Tag New Release
Author Hurnard, Hannah
Availability From 2021-03-25
Item Code 9780842346115
Item Reference 501690
Page Count 256
Publish Date 1983-06-20
Type Paperback

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