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Jonas Marshall is done storm-chasing, plagued with the memory of a terrible accident that paralysed a fellow chaser, so the last thing he's going to do is run into more danger. Now, he's just a simple weatherman deploying dirigibles in an experiment to track weather patterns in Slovenia.

As far from danger as he can get.

But danger comes knocking in the form of hiker in need of rescue, and he can't deny that her companion-beautiful Sibba Kovac-is a great distraction from the guilt that haunts him...until she paraglides right out of his life.

Probably for the best.

But danger still won't leave him alone when a storm knocks his dirigibles out of the sky, and he happens upon one that looks tampered with...

It is. And worse, it's carrying what could be radioactive waste. At least according to EOD expert Sibba...who finds herself face-to-face with the rescuer she can't forget. But she's not looking for him-her grandfather is missing, and she'll stop at nothing to find him.

When her missing grandfather leads to the threat of a dirty bomb, she's the only one who can stop it. And Jonas is the only man brave enough to run into danger with her. But she doesn't have room in her heart to love him-not when she lives with death in her periphery. Can the right man, at the right time help her see beyond her fears to a future?

And if they have a chance to save the world, can Jonas let go of the woman he loves?

The thrilling second book in the epic romantic suspense of the Minnesota Marshalls!
Tag New Release
Author Warren, Susan May
Availability From 2023-05-31
Item Code 9781943935864
Item Reference 505058
Page Count 272
Publish Date 2023-04-04
Publisher Sdg Publishing
Type Paperback

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