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Is heaven real? What is it really like? Award-winning author Lee Strobel tracked down the evidence and provides answers to the questions children 8-12 ask about both heaven and hell in this young reader's edition of The Case for Heaven that is perfect for teaching your child about the biblical evidence for eternal life.

Every child wonders at some point what happens after we die--especially after the loss of a pet, a grandparent, or another loved one. Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ) understands your child's questions, and presents a kid-friendly examination of the evidence for heaven, packed full of research that:

Helps readers 8-12 understand the biblical, historical, and contemporary facts about the afterlife in a logical and easy-to-follow way
Explains what happens after we die
Explores what heaven and hell are really like, based on tested biblical truths
Presents what it means to have eternal life

The Case for Heaven Young Reader's Edition is perfect for:

Sunday school and homeschool education
Comforting kids 8-12 following a death, and reassuring those experiencing grief
Unpacking biblical principles in a way anyone can understand

By the end of this book, your child will have a clearer understanding of the afterlife, as well as peace knowing the Christian view of heaven is sound.
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Author Strobel, Lee
Availability From 2022-09-09
Item Code 9780310770176
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Page Count 160
Publish Date 2022-03-15
Publisher Zonderkids
Type Hardcover

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