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Packed with quick-reference charts, key Scripture verses, and practical advice that answers common questions

You have important life decisions to make, and in the midst of multiple options, you're left wondering what to do. You want to do the right thing and follow God's plan, but how? How can you know God's Will for you?

Discover what the Bible says about how to know and follow God's Will for your life with this bestselling Bible study pamphlet packed with charts, scriptures, and practical advice. The Bible is not silent on the topic of God's Will and this easy-to-understand pamphlet provides a solid overview on how God leads us. Enjoy having quick-reference charts, key Scripture verses, and practical advice that answers common questions, such as:

Which way should I go?
Is God trustworthy?
How does God lead me?
What if I have already failed?

Key Features of This Knowing God ' s Will Bible Study Pamphlet
Practical-- Provides 4 solid, Bible-based ways to navigate through life's tough decisions.
Biblical-- Includes a quick overview and dozens of Scripture verses. Covers 9 key promises on God's guidance and 5 ways God can use painful situations in our lives.
Encouraging-- Experience the peace that comes from knowing the 14 truths about your identity in Christ and the 4 reasons why you can trust God to guide you.
Relevant-- Features 4 fantastic quick-reference charts on relevant topics, such as the 4 lies that keep us from knowing God's Will and the 4 truths from the Bible to overcome them.

Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, church giveaways, and to give to a friend as a source of encouragement. Great way to encourage Dads and Grads, who frequently face tough life decisions.
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