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Do you ever wonder if the Gospel is truly "good news" for your actual, everyday, often difficult, sometimes painful, and typically crazy real life? Well, it is. But sometimes we all need a reminder that God's faithfulness really does follow us into the face of all that harried, hard, and even humorous stuff of life.

In her new devotional LIFE, Lisa Harper gives you exactly that: a gut-level exploration of pertinent and redemptive moments in Scripture that prove God's grace is more than sufficient for both the massive and the minuscule things of life.

Whether we deal with personal loss, ongoing trauma, global crisis, or simply a super bad hair day, the Gospel is more than enough to handle everything, so dive into LIFE and find some tangible hope for yours
Tag New Release
Author Harper, Lisa
Availability From 2021-05-04
Item Code 9781433691959
Item Reference 501933
Page Count 240
Publish Date 2021-02-09
Publisher B & H BOOKS
Type Hardcover

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