Auckland 1909:
A 24 year old business man, Robert Laidlaw, launches a mail-order business that will become the adventure of a life-time. In a few years it grows to the largest store in the country and sets new standards for what it means to be in business.
Free buses to his store every seven minutes, a free car park, a Christmas parade, in-store give aways, prizes worth a years income, the highest quality goods at the lowest possible prices - few have ever seen a business like it. Nor does he stop there,
His launch into chain stores predates his American counterparts. He is the author of one of the finest mission statements ever written, an early exponent of welfare work, and an efficiency expert before F.W.Taylor's classic Scientific Management, was ven published. Behind it all, a carefully planned strategy for business success.
MAN FOR OUR TIME is an incredible blend of business genius and faith. From the highlands of Scotland to the shores of New Zealand, from Henry Ford's moving assembly line in Detroit to the beaches of Normanby during WW11, this panoramic biography of one of the 20th century's greatest business men is a story that will capture your heart and inspire you to action.
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Author Hunter, Ian
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Publish Date 1999-05-30
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