Life is a wild, beautiful, dangerous journey that can twist from mountaintop wonder to the darkest, cruellest valleys in the space of a single breath. Whether life has left us gasping for air or filled with milk and honey, we are all called to run this race of life and fight the good fight of faith. The writer of Hebrews directs us to run our race with perseverance and purity, fixing our eyes on Jesus. This author, pioneer and perfecter of life and faith, endured that brutal, unbearable death on the cross, all for redeeming love (Hebrews 12). It's the craziest thing that the King of Heaven would allow Himself to be crushed, beaten, and crucified for us, so that we can reconcile with God and have everlasting life. Wherever we are in this journey of life, we have eternity ahead of us, and may find ourselves often wondering when we will make it. Are We There Yet? explores the challenges, heartache, and magnificence of this life of faith, and the jaw-dropping, overwhelming wonder of the grace of God. From "What Love Is (Because You Died)," which proclaims the breath-taking amazement of a life restored in God's grace, to the soulful recounting of the passion story in "Blown Away," this album unapologetically focuses on the goodness and love of God. Are We There Yet? aims to resuscitate lives on the brink, remind us that God hasn't changed, His Word hasn't changed, and there's an exciting world of possibility that is unknown and uncharted-all we need to do is trust God again, get up, dust ourselves off and run this race till the day we finish in glory.

Song Titles:
Days like these (Trust U)
All this future
Deeper Water
Show Me Your Heart
On Repeat
Delightful (The Sower never wastes a tear)
God Song
Have mercy on me now
Blown away
What Love is (Because you died)
Know you will
Sure thing
Not afraid
MMXX11 (Interlude)
Tag New Release
Author Hillsong United
Availability From 2022-04-28
Item Code 9320428353184
Item Reference 503391
Publish Date 2022-04-01
Publisher HILLSONG
Type Dvd

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