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Christianity has revealed the secret that psychologists have long sought--the "inward soul," the re-created spirit, the focus of God's great redemptive work on earth.
The four Gospels give us a wonderful picture of the lonely man of Galilee, the humble Messiah who ends His earthly walk on Calvary. But Paul's Epistles give us the risen triumphant One, the conqueror of death, sin, and Satan. He provides the revelation of what happened on the cross and in the tomb, and how that affects who and what we are in Christ today.
Legendary Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon delves deeply into Paul's teaching to give us a living picture of the entire substitutionary work of Christ, which made possible the new creation, a new race of men and women who can stand in God's presence without a sense of guilt, condemnation, or inferiority.
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Author Kenyon, E.W.
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Item Code 9781641234627
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Page Count 208
Publish Date 2020-07-21
Type Paperback

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