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This volume by the author of "The Bible in Verse" has each of the people who feature in the story of Jesus' ministry give their own perspective of what it was like to walk and talk with Jesus, or to lead the church in the first century. There were thirteen disciples, and many such as Paul, Barnabas, Luke and Silas who led the early church. There were also angels who conveyed messages from God, and men who opposed Jesus. Some Romans believed Jesus was the Son of God, others persecuted and killed Christians. Among the most grateful for the life of Jesus were the many he healed of recent or lifelong diseases and infirmities, or even death. It was the most transformative day of their lives. No other person has impacted human life and history more than Jesus. See him through the eyes of those who knew him best!

Rob Bellingham

Rob Bellingham trained for ministry at age twenty, pastored two churches, and traveled with his young family to Bangladesh and India to work with the poor. After a decade, he returned to New Zealand where he worked for TEAR Fund and World Vision and served as international leader of a mission. Now retired, he enjoys playing tennis, gardening, writing, and serving on church mission committees in Auckland and Rotorua.
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Author Bellingham, Rob
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Item Code 9781669881001
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Page Count 158
Publish Date 2023-09-15
Publisher XLIBRIS
Type Paperback

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