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When Life Gets Too Hard to Stand, Kneel

You are called to be a prayer warrior. But which name should you call upon?

God has more than one name--each represents a different aspect of His character. When you know which name to call, you will pray more effectively, and more specifically to your need.

In this book, Dr. Tony Evans provides tools to transform your prayer life as you get to know God in new ways. You will...

experience God as Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide.
allow God to be El Simchatch Gili, God my exceeding joy.
make God Your Jehovah Ori, the Lord my light.
know peace through Jehovah Shalon, the Lord our peace.
take God as your power source as Jehovah Uzzi, the Lord my strength.
make wiser decisions by sitting at the feet of Peleh Yo'etz, Wonderful Counselor.

Revitalize your prayer life by connecting your needs with the characteristics of God's names!

Table of Contents:
Introduction -- Elohim (the Strong Creator God) -- Jehovah (The Relational God) -- Adonai (Master over All) -- El Bethel (The God of the House of God) -- Elohe Chaseddi (God of Mercy) -- El Elohe Yisrael (The Mighty God of Israel) -- El Elohim Jehovah (The Mighty One, God, the Lord) -- El Elyon (The Most High God) -- El Emunah (The Faithful God) -- Elohei Tehillati (God of My Praise) -- El Hakabodh (God of Glory) -- Elohim Chayim (The Living God) -- El Hayyay (The God of My Life) -- Elohim Kedoshim (The Holy God) -- El Kanna (The Jealous God) -- Elohei Mauzzi (The God of My Strength) -- Elohim Machase Lanu (God Our Refuge) -- Eli Maelekhi (God My King) -- Huios tou Theou (The Son of God) -- El Nekamoth (The God Who Avenges) -- El Nose (The God Who Forgives) -- Elohenu Olam (Everlasting God) -- Elohim Ozer Li (God My Help)p57 -- El Roi (The God Who Sees Me) -- El Sali (God My Rock) -- El Shaddai (Almighty God) -- Elohim Shophtim Ba-arets (The God Who Judges in the Earth) -- El Simachath Gili (God My Exceeding Joy) -- Elohim Tsebaoth (God of House) -- Elohe Tishuathi (God of My Salvation) -- Elohe Tsadeki (God of My Reghteousness) -- Elohe Yakob (The God of Jacob) -- Elohei Marom (God on High) -- Elohei Haelohim (The God of Gods) -- Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (The Eternal, All-Sufficient God) -- Jehovah Adon Kol Ha-arets (The Lord, the Lord of All the Earth) -- Jehovah Chereb (The Lord, the Sword) -- Jehovah Tsaba (The Lord of Hosts) -- Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah (The Lord Mighty in Battle) -- Jehovah Maginnenu (The Lord Our Defense) -- Jehovah Goelekh (The Lord Your Redeemer) -- Jehovah Elohim (Lord God) -- Jehovah Elohim Ab (The Lord God of Your Forefathers) -- Jehovah El Elyon (Lord God Most High) -- Jehovah El Emeth (Lord God of Truth) -- Jehovah El Gemuwal (Lord God of Recompense) -- Jehovah Elohim Tsaba(Lord God of Hosts) -- Jehovah Elohim Yeshua (Lord God of My Salvation) -- Elohei Mikkarov (God Who Is Near) -- Elohim Chasdi (God of Lovingkindness) -- Elohim Bashamayim (God in Heaven) -- Jehovah Hashopet (The Lord, the Judge) -- Jehovah Hoshiah (O Lord, Save) -- Jehovah Immeka (The Lord Is with You) -- Sar Shalom (Prince of Peace) -- Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Will Provide) -- Jehovah Kanna Shemo (The Lord Whose Name Is Jealous) -- Jehovah Machsi (The Lord My Refuge) -- Jehovah Magen (The Lord My Shield) -- Jehovah Mauzzi (The Lord My Fortress) -- Jehovah Ha-Melech (The Lord, the King) -- Peleh Yo'etz (Wonderful Counselor) -- Jehovah Mephalti (The Lord My Deliverer) -- Jehovah Mekaddishkem (The Lord Who Sanctifies You) -- Jehovah Metsudhathi (The Lord My High Tower) -- Jehovah Moshiekh (The Lord Your Savior) -- Jehovah Nissi (The Lord My Banner) -- Jehovah Ori (The Lord My Light) -- Jehovah Uzzi (The Lord My Strength) -- Jehovah Rophe (The Lord Our Healer) -- Jehovah Rohi (The Lord My Shepherd) -- Ruach Hakkodesh (Holy Spirit) -- Jehovah Sali (The Lord My Rock) -- Jehovah Shalom (The Lord Our Peace) -- Jehovah Shammah (The Lord Is There) -- Johvah Tsidkenu (The Lord Our Righteousness) -- Immanuel (God with Us) -- Go'el (Kinsman Redeemer) -- Kadosh (Holy One) -- Ruach Elohim (Spi
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Author Evans, Dr Tony
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Page Count 192
Publish Date 2014-08-01
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