A road map to finding the joy you've lost

We entered the pandemic of 2020 already worn out from the craziness of modern life. We went on to experience global disaster, loss of loved ones, and high-stakes disagreements. We drew on deep wells of endurance - until those wells ran dry.
In Resilient. John Eldredge provides the awareness and support you need to strengthen your weary soul. Drawing on wisdom from Scripture, Christian tradition, and powerful true stories of grit and survival.
Resilient gives you prayers and practical next steps to:
learn new ways to strengthen your heart and soul so you can live with joy;
tap into the supernatural graces God promises His people;
understand how shifting political currents are warning signs of more change to come; and
discover renewed freedom and strength through Christ who lives within you.

Resilient leads you to the peace only God can give in a world gone mad - and helps you discover in Jesus himself the strength that prevails.
Tag New Release
Author Eldredge, John
Availability From 2023-07-06
Item Code 9781400237821
Item Reference 505169
Page Count 242
Publish Date 2022-06-07
Type Paperback

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