Table of Contents:

1. A Little Respect-- Esther 1
2. Trusting God's Work-- Esther 2
3. Evaluating Advice-- Esther 3
4. Doing the Right Thing-- Esther 4
5. The Heart of the Matter-- Esther 5
6. Recognizing Unrighteousness-- Esther 6
7. Character No Matter What-- Esther 7
8. Praising God's Faithfulness-- Esther 8
9. Remembering Celebrating-- Esther 9--10
Leader's Notes

Publisher Marketing:
"Who are you when no one's looking?" When her people were threatened, Esther had to ask herself that question. She could risk her life to try to save her fellow Israelites. Or she could "keep her head down" to wait out the threat in obscurity and safety. In this nine-sessions LifeGuide Bible Study
Tag New Release
Author Lifeguide
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Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9780830830398
Item Reference 404755
Page Count 75
Publish Date 2002-07-09
Publisher IVP (USA)
Type Paperback

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