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This easy-to-understand guide is perfect for new believers or to use as a tool during outreach and ministry. Following Jesus is a bestselling pamphlet ensures that new believers and those who have questions about their faith, to learn the basics of faith and Christian living. Five key areas are covered, including Salvation, Sin & Forgiveness, Prayer, Bible Study & Church, Fears, Doubts & Trust, Spiritual Gifts, Giving & Sharing, and Reliability of the Christian Faith. Size: 8.5x 5.5 unfolds to 33 long. Fits inside most Bible covers. Following Jesus answers the big question for every new believer, I'm a Christian--now what? Reading this 12-panel pamphlet helps believers get on the right path and begin to find their place in God's family--a family that serves God and loves others. Following Jesus reveals that the Christian walk is not about rules, but a relationship between a loving God and his beloved children (Romans 5: 6-11). The pamphlet also provides a list of suggested key verses for the new believer to learn and memorize. Here's a look inside the five key areas of the pamphlet and the questions they ask: Salvation, Sin & Forgiveness How can I be sure that I'm saved? Can God forgive me? What if I sin again? Prayer, Bible study & Church How do I pray? How do read the Bible? Do need to go to church?
Fears Doubt & Trust What about fears and doubts? Can God be trusted? What's my purpose in life? Spiritual Gifts, Giving & Sharing What are spiritual gifts and talents? What about giving? How do I tell others? Reliability of the Christian Faith Is the Bible reliable? Is following Jesus the only way to be saved? Is there evidence for the resurrection The Journey
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