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Could it be that God is giving us one last opportunity to allow His Spirit to be poured out upon the earth before the return of Jesus?

This book will stir you to fan the flames of revival in your own heart so you can partner with the Holy Spirit and fellow believers to see a sweeping move of God transform America and the world.

Are we living in the last days? Is it possible that God is getting ready to pour out His Spirit on the earth one last time before Jesus returns?

In Revival...IF, best-selling author Rod Parsley gives readers a road map for cultivating renewal in their own hearts and minds and for participating in spiritual revival on a national scale. Drawing from over forty years of experience with revival personally and in ministry, Parsley:
Clarifies what revival is and what it is not
Explains the difference between revival and awakening
Includes historical accounts and current perspectives on various revivals

While the methods of revival may change, the message remains the same. This book shares timeless, biblical truths that will empower believers to seize the moment and experience true, lasting revival and personal renewal.
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Author Parsley, Rod
Availability From 2023-08-09
Item Code 9781636410791
Item Reference 505534
Page Count 272
Publish Date 2022-10-04
Type Paperback

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