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In the shifting (or even collapsing) of everything familiar in life, you don't have to wring your hands in fear. Push past the loss of your "normal" with bestselling author and Bible teacher Laura Story, and step into the new story God is writing for you.

You've been faced with circumstances beyond your control. Your plans are altered. But you have the blessing of a Father who loves you enough to take off the training wheels and place his beloved child in the best possible scenario for your good and growth. So Long, Normal guides you to leave behind the idols of comfort, caution, and routine so you can live strong and well, even when life takes an unwelcome turn.

In her confessional, conversational style, worship leader, Bible teacher, and Christian recording artist Laura Story weaves her own personal stories with examples from Scripture of characters whose lives were upended by unexpected (and undesired) change.

So Long, Normal will help you:
Process the trauma of the loss of your "normal"
Learn to rest in God's plan for you instead of trying to control your circumstances
Find true community and encouragement in your struggle with uncertainty
Discover three great comforts and three gifts to steady you on your journey
Face the future with fresh spiritual eyes and find joy in the unwavering strength of Christ

Losing your "normal" is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new adventure. It is possible to grow with grace through tough times, navigating the unknown secure in the knowledge that God is with you--every step of the way.
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Author Story, Laura
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Item Code 9780785248521
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Page Count 240
Publish Date 2021-07-13
Type Paperback

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