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J S Bach; Paul Brand; John Bunyan; James Clerk Maxwell; Wilfred Grenfell; C.S. Lewis; Samuel Morse; Ghillean Prance; C.T. Studd; George Washington.
These ten boys grew up to become successful men. The two things they have in common are that they all put to good use the talents and gifts they had, and they all believed that God had given them to be used.

Paul Brand took medicine into new lands to bring hope to the sick.
Ghillean Prance's love of the world around him led to Kew Gardens, still a centre of excellence in studying God's creation.
C S Lewis opened the door into Narnia and opened the hearts of many to new faith.
C T Studd excelled on the cricket and the mission fields. Wilfred Grenfell was an energetic explorer of the Arctic.
J S Bach's music still inspires millions, as Christ inspired him.
James Clerk Maxwel's faith in God's ordering of the universe led to key discoveries in science. Samuel Morse patented many inventions one of which has saved many lives.
George Washington governed a country as he followed the Lord.
John Bunyan was imprisoned to shut him up yet wrote a classic book that still speaks today. What can you do for God?
Recommended for ages 8 to 12.
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