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Good things come to those who believe . . . right?

People like to say, "Prayer works." But what does that mean? Prayer works for what? Getting the answers from God that we want so much?

While God certainly cares for your deepest needs, Skye Jethani wants you to know that prayer is so much more than a two-way transaction with a heavenly vending machine. Jesus didn't pray like that. And with a pastor's heart, Skye wants to take you deeper into what Jesus, the lover of your soul, had to say about talking with God.

In What If Jesus Was Serious . . . About Prayer?, you'll benefit not only from Skye's words of wisdom but his doodles that help the visual learner connect with spiritual truth. Prayer isn't about getting answers, but getting God. We need more prayer in our lives--not because God can give us what we crave, but because He offers himself to us in love.
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Author Jethani, Skye
Availability From 2021-05-14
Item Code 9780802424167
Item Reference 502000
Page Count 192
Publish Date 2021-06-01
Type Paperback

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