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In this unique, practical book--written to be read by those remaining on earth after the Rapture--Jimmy Evans reveals the truth of the Bible about the end times. With compassion and deep insight into the prophecies of Scripture, he explains the disappearance of millions of believers around the world and gives future readers a glimpse into the events of the Tribulation. From the rise of the Antichrist to the ultimate redemption provided by Jesus, this hopeful book is a must-read for anyone navigating the future. Buy it for family members or friends. Leave it on your desk or coffee table. Put it in a place where a future reader can find it. The truths in this book will literally transform their lives. And it may be necessary sooner than you think.
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Author Evans, Jimmy
Availability From 2022-10-13
Item Code 9781950113750
Item Reference 504387
Page Count 106
Publish Date 2022-01-18
Publisher XO publishing
Type Paperback

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