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An Up-Close and Comprehensive Look at the Lands of the Bible

No Bible Degree Required

Discover everything you need to know about the lands where Jesus walked, Moses traveled, and Paul preached. Packed with multidimensional maps, photos, and charts, the Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible is designed to help you better understand the history and places of the Bible and its world. This full-color atlas is concise but thorough, perfect for Bible students, travelers to the Holy Land, or any reader of the Bible curious to find out more about commonly mentioned places in the Old and New Testaments.

The Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible features:

Nearly 200 stunning multidimensional and three-dimensional maps and full-color images
Accurate and up-to-date mapping technologies
Innovative chronological charts and maps covering historical backgrounds, regions, weather, and roads

With this easy-to-understand atlas, you'll find Bible study more engaging and comprehensible, and you'll learn the essential facts about the fascinating lands of the Bible.
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Author Rasmussen, Carl
Availability From 2021-02-11
Item Code 9780310318576
Item Reference 488678
Page Count 159
Publish Date 2013-12-10
Publisher Zondervan Books
Type Paperback

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